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Public drinking water fountains is what we need

Why can't the big cities like London, Manchester etc provide public drink water fountains like.almost EVERY major city in Europe and the USA does? This is what you should be campaigning for, not just refilling at cafes who have limited opening hours and would almost certain ask you to buy something before they gave you free water.

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  • Sanum @GiveMeTap commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Kevin,

    GiveMeTap are a social enterprise - a business that is committed to social goals. As part of the scheme, we recruit cafes. These cafes have agreed to not oblige you to buy something when you ask for free water. It's a requirement as part of joining the scheme and increasing water accessibility.

    Furthermore, we wanted to create an instant solution to the problem of free water accessibility. Campaigning for water fountains is a long term battle with the government on national and local levels which, on a practical note, would take years to install.

    Our focus is on how we, as small businesses and consumers, can create our own solutions to this problem. Please let us know if any cafes you have gone to, that are part of our scheme, have asked you to buy something before giving you tap water.

    Sanum @GiveMeTap

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi - I agree. Did you know about findaspring and springwise ? Two sites listing spring water sites where water can easily be obtained.

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